Crankin' Out the Tone.

On this page you will find files and links to technical information for tube amps.  Layout drawings for different tube circuits and answers to questions like; how to, why, and what's that thing do.  This page will continue to grow as host space allows.

Generic 5E3 Tube Chart

Detailed Hoffman Wiring Layout drawings

5E3 Deluxe    5E3/6L6    5F6-A    50 Watt Plexi   

100 Watt Plexi   AB763    AC30    6G15 Reverb   

Fender Amplifier Schematics
55 Deluxe5E3    59 Bassman5F6-A   

Super ReverbAB763

Marshall Amplifier Schematics

Vox Amplifier Schematics
AC30 1960    AC30 Power amp

Ampeg Amplifier Schematics
SVT Preamp    SVT Power amp 6550   

SVT Power amp 6146

Tube Data Sheets
12AX7    5881    6V6GT    EL34    EL84   6L6GC 

5Y3GT   5AR4   5U4GB    EZ81

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