The Chassis interior of the Duke 55 is a work of art.  Every wire is routed to minimize unwanted noise and only quality components are used.

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The Duke 55 started life as a simple project to reproduce the famous Fender 1955 Tweed Deluxe amplifier.  Our first prototype had the tone of the original and was sweet but it wasn't perfect.  After the prototype made the rounds of the local player circuit, we took another look at the amp to see if we could improve upon Leo's design based on the feedback we had received.  Some of the things we heard were; "It's a little bassy."  "Could you reduce the hum a little bit?"  "It seems to drop out on certain notes."

Well, we only had two choices.  Throw every
Duke 55 down the stairs like that crazy horse guy did or "fiddle a little" with the design itself.  Our Chief Financial Officer (Mrs. Corona Ampworks) didn't like the stair idea at all due to investment factors and the potential of impacting members of the board of directors (Corona Ampworks kids) on the staircase.  So we decided to (as they say in the Philharmonic) "Let the fiddlin' begin."  We tried different speakers,  different layouts, circuit changes and over the period of a year and a half, we went here there and everywhere.  What we finally ended up with was a quiet on idle, and totally sweet on every note, guitar tone monster.

So the Duke went back out on the circuit and everyone agreed, we have a winner.  If you're looking for that vintage tone from yesterday with modern improvements that will make your amp last for decades.  The
Duke 55 is for you.

Click here for a
Clean Duke 55 sound sample

Click here to hear the Duke 55 in a mix

A short Blues sound sample of the Duke 55 in action. 

Guitar 1 = Deluxe Stratocaster through a Hendrix Wah Wah into a clean Duke, Vol=3 Tone =6

Guitar 2 = Les Paul into a dirty Duke Vol =9 Tone =6
With post flanger added in the mix.

Guitar 3 = Les Paul into same dirty settings with post
reverb added in the mix.

Mic is a Shure SM57 off speaker axis into MOTU 2408

The Duke 55 Manual
In pdf format

This manual is continually being upgraded so check back often for the latest version.

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